Divorce Workshop Just for Women

2022 can be a year full of new beginnings. One of which may be a divorce.
There are many reasons as to why women may wait to file for divorce until the new year. The holidays are over, a new year may be a good time to begin a new start, and tax purposes. However, the most important reason to file for divorce is you believe it is the right decision for yourself and your family at this time.
If you are looking to start the new year doing what is best for you and your family, and that is divorce, we encourage you equip yourself with information about the legal, financial, and emotional issues of divorce. Plan to attend our Second Saturday Divorce Workshop just for Women Saturday, January 8th, 2022. 8:30am – 12noon. The event will be held at the Moore Chamber of Commerce, 305 W. Main St., Moore, OK.
This is a no-cost, confidential workshop. However, we do ask that you register for the event: https://secondsaturdaydivorceworkshopforwomenjanuary2022.eventbrite.com
or by email to: Chager@forwomenfinancial.com
Our professional speakers will be:
Rachel Morris, Family Law Attorney
Carol Hager, Financial Consultant, CDFA, Team Leader Second Saturday
Lorrie Bamford, Life Coach
We do not promote divorce, but we do encourage women to prepare them selves with information about the divorce process.

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